Japanese Straightening

Japanese Straightening Liscio: (Certified by Milbon USA in New York, NY) Liscio originated in Japan under the Shinbi International Corp, now known as Milbon USA. It has been certified since 1996 and has developed a reputation as the leading Japanese Hair Straightening/Thermal Reconditioning System. Liscio Japanese Relaxer is only beneficial as it leaves no damage but instead gives your hair with a silky shine.

Yuko: (Certified by Yuko in Beverly Hills, CA) Invented by Ms. Yuko Yamashita in Japan, YUKO is a brand not only known as a Japanese straightening system, but also as an approved “Hair Repair, Styling, and Straightening Process”. YUKO works on all types of hair to create a beautiful straighter smoother look.  

At Tiano Salon & Spa

We have been practicing the art of Authentic Japanese Hair Straightening since 1999. The treatment lasts anywhere from 8-12 months and provides your hair with a renovated natural bounce and volume or, to preference, pin straight hair. We stand behind our work 100% and guarantee frizz-free sleek hair.  

Japanese Straightening Treatment starts at $500 and retouching at $400.

Lisico Blow- Out: $200 & up

*Prices include complimentary Nigelle Linkage Treatment ($50 value)

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