How much should you tip in a hair salon

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In Miami, tips are a polite way of thanking someone who works in customer service, especially in the hospitality industry, who attended to you personally in restaurants, hotels, valet parking, delivery services, taxi drivers, tourist guides, cleaning services and also in beauty care. It is an implicit rule that everybody already knows.

It has become the main income for service providers, representing most of their salary; that’s why it is so important for them. Actually, it is more than a way to express your gratitude, and it really makes a difference in an employee’s life.

The amount varies from a minimum of 15% to a maximum of 20%, and the best way not to be surprised with an unexpected total amount is to consider the tip before ordering any service.

If you didn’t appreciate the attendance or if you are unsatisfied with the provided service, the best way you can express that is talking to the manager or owner and, of course, he or she will completely understand if you suppress the tip. On the other hand, if you have no complaint and you appreciate the service and the treatment, the best way to show that is giving a tip; at least, “tipping says about us as much as says about the person we’re leaving the tip for.”

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