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Why Japanese straightening?

Since Japanese straightening has come on the market, there is nothing more effective to give your hair a long lasting, natural straightening look than this revolutionary method. You just need to choose a trustworthy and experienced hair stylist and professional salon.

Tiano Salon and Spa has more than 15 years experience in using this authentic Japanese hair straightening.

Japanese straightening

You can have a pin straight hair and completely change your hairstyle, having a silky and intensely soft hair

The method consists of a thermal relaxing and reconditioning treatment that uses heat to make the products penetrate on the hair fiber. That’s why it is guaranteed for a 8 to 12 month duration. For one year, you won’t need to worry about getting a blow dry anymore; you are always ready-to-go!

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Japanese Straightening can renovate your natural bounce and keeps the volume, giving you a glossy hair

At Tiano Salon and Spa, we use two different certified methods: Liscio and Yuko – depending on you hair type and needs.

Liscio Japanese Relaxer originated in Japan and has been certified since 1996. It has developed a reputation as the leading Japanese Hair Straightening System, and leaves no damage while giving your hair a silky shine.

Yuko is also from Japan and was developed by Ms. Yuko Yamashita. It is much more than a Japanese straightening system; it is approved as a “Hair Repair, Styling, and Straightening Process”. YUKO works on all types of hair to create a beautiful straighter and smoother look.

Both of these methods can renovate your natural bounce and volume or, if you prefer, pin straight hair. We stand behind our work 100% and guarantee frizz-free sleek hair!

Welcome to our ‘Tiano Salon & Spa’ blog!

Ladies and Gents

Welcome to our ‘Tiano Salon & Spa’ blog!

We are so excited to be starting our blog! We want to keep you up to date on our services, news, special offers and, of course, beauty tips and secrets.

It will be a pleasure to provide you detailed information about our services and how we work hard to keep you pampered and feeling beautiful.

As you already know, Tiano Salon & Spa offers high-quality full services and gives you excellent beauty treatments. We also offer a comfy place, complete with all the technology and equipment needed to make you feel wonderful, just as you deserve.

Here we will show you all you want to know about straightening, smoothing, color and more, with an emphasis on our best services including: our signature Japanese straightening and Brazilian smoothing. Also, follow us on a wedding day and learn more about our facial and body treatments.

We are preparing many exciting news to share with you; don’t miss out!

We will really appreciate your visits, comments and suggestions.

Have a wonderful week!

Tiano Salon & Spa
It will be a pleasure receive you in our saloon

It will be a pleasure to receive you in our saloon, come to visit us in Coral Gables

All you have to do is relax in a modern and comfortable place

A modern and comfortable place, all you have to do is just relax and enjoy your time

We take care of every detail to make our costumers fell good

We take care of every detail to make our costumers fell good

We have the best products to take care of your beauty

We have the best products to take care of your beauty

We hope to see you here!

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